The Artist Suprolo; Sunya de la Terra and Bernardino de Citta live in the principality of Andorra. They live near LLummeneres where the suprolos are born in the Xerc-cave by the Aquamarine Waterfall.
The whole of their existence is centred around the suprolos who inspire them to widely varied creations. Not only have they created ‘The wonderful Lightworld of Suprolos’, but also suprolo-llocings (music), unique suprolo-pictures, fashion designs, etc, etc.
The source of inspiration of the suprolos is inexhaustible because thousands of suprolos are being born every day

Suprolos live among people all over the world. These beings of light, invisible to all, are capable of the most wondrous things. Wherever they appear a new adventure begins, and they bring joy, happiness and fun to our otherwise mundane lives. They turn up in very different spheres and situations, by friends and foes alike.
The five mysterious Milkdrinkers from Lauredia know the suprolos trough and trough, and carry within themselves an infinite peace, calm and joy. Two of them are the creators of the suprolos.
Then there is the refined luxurious world of the Spanish family Bluminsky, owners of the billion dollar multinational concern, Mundi Sales. They have acquired their wealth imperceptibly through the sale of the suprololicence. The employees in this company just muck about, so it’s quite incomprehensible that the clients keep pouring in. The funny thing is that everyone loves the suprolos, even trough no one knows what they are.
In violent contrast to this there is the Black Gang, who oppose the spreading of suprolos in the world, and they take advantage of every opportunity to destroy or harm the suprolos and Mundi Sales. They will stop at nothing to achieve this aim, even if it means implementing an atom bomb…………
The game of the suprolos takes place among the ordinairy day to day lives of people, with their loves and hatreds, their difficulties and problems. For the suprolos there are no problems. They know how to deal with them.

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